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Lone Star is an outlaw Western story. Benjamin Mayborn lives a quaint life on his family farm with his wife and three daughters. His eldest daughter Loretta and his wife Joelene help him on the farm against his wishes, Benjamin is very stubborn and wants to provide for his family and to let his daughter Loretta be an actual kid. Unfortunately for him, he deals with an autoimmune disease that causes his skin and bones to deteriorate which gets worse when he puts more stress on his body, the only way he's able to do any farm work at all is by letting people help him. 

One fall evening when the Mayborns were out on the patio watching the stars fly by one of the four outlaw gangs roll up, the Romulyn gang. Benjamin puts up a fight for his family but he's left restrained with a burnt-down farmhouse, a kidnapped family, and a broken spirit. 

At dawn, he sifts through the ashes looking for family mementos, all that's survived is a family photo that was taken shortly after Annie's birth, it was burned and covered in ash. But he had to keep flowing forward no matter what. He had to for Jolene and Loretta and Clementine and Annie, he was off on his loyal elderly horse Bessie. The duo was headed south in the Romulyn gang's tracks.

The tracks lead to a small settlement, Benjamin goes into a saloon for a rest and a drink. When he sits down he sees a familiar face across the bar. A sly-looking lanky raccoon. Benjamin corned the raccoon outside of the saloon only to figure out he's a cowardly guilt-ridden outlaw from the Romulyn gang. They forcibly team up and Waylon helps Benjamin track down Joelene, Loretta, Clementine, and Annie.