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Howdy! I'm Joey, and I'm a traditional animator, character designer, storyboard artist, and illustrator from Alberta Canada. I graduated from Pixel Blue College with a diploma in 2D animation and illustration in the summer of '22.

My goal is to create my own animation company producing traditionally styled animation in a digital medium.

Currently, I'm working on three animated series. Lockburg Witches is my main project, brushing the dirt off of a long-forgotten history of Gods and Titans. Featuring a cast of four characters all moving towards the same goal, to bring their God back from his internal watery prison.

My background project is an episodic series that through showing different moments in the characters' lives, strung together tells the overarching story of self-worth, independence, and the importance of a stable foundation. This project is titled, Old Souls and I plan to produce and release it independently.

My most recent project to hit production is Lone Star, a western story of a manned wolf trying to save his family from the gang that kidnapped them. He teams up with an ex-member of the gang and together they travel across the continent trying to catch up with his family.

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