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Lockburg Witches is an animated series, following the main character Blair Reese who recently hit a bad luck streak. After having to sell all her possessions but the clothes on her back and her favorite novel she moved to the cheapest place to live, a small village on the opposite side of the world from her hometown.

After moving to the village of Lockburg Blair meets Toni who introduces her to the long-forgotten history of the Gods Las and Eroc as well as the balance between instability, stability, and the five elemental forces.

Many years ago a warrior was born from the stars, riding down on a magnificent raven destined to bring stability to the world of Eau. After a long year of battle and the world being torn into two continents, the  light warrior Eroc bested the embodiment of instability, Las. The punishment for his crimes was to be chained in the center of the ocean for the rest of eternity, or so Eroc hoped. Eroc ascended back to the stars with their stead Aether. Las' followers settled down at the sight that their God was defeated. Others settled with them and they founded the village of Lockburg. The surviving followers of Las were hiding in plain sight and working out a plan to bring their God back.

I first created the character Blair at the start of 2016, I was thirteen years old and wanted to tell stories in a visual medium. Blair is a black cat (because they're heavily associated with witchcraft), and she's also was a shapeshifter who specifically loved transforming into a crow.

I decided to come up with an occult story, where Blair, a naive girl in a new place would be tricked into resurrecting an evil god. At first, I titled the idea "What have I done?" and went on to create the other characters.

Nathan and Cameron are a duo, brains and bronze. I've always liked this character dynamic, it also gave me a brilliant cunning character and a dopey strong man.

I wanted another character in the mix, someone who is manipulative and two-faced. So Toni was created, and instantly I felt dislike between Nathan and Toni so that character dynamic has been ongoing since the very start.

They are both intelligent and authoritative, causing a natural rift. But why would they be around each other if they strongly disliked each other?

Toni is a witch because it's her ancestry, she's the last hope for the god to be resurrected. Nathan wants power, he wants control over others, they have the same goal but different motivations. They tolerate each other because they have to, not because they want to.

So Cameron became the bodyguard, specifically there to protect Nathan and Blair became the lamb to the slaughter well Nathan and Toni became a cracked reflection of one another.