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2023 Traditional Animation demo reel

The summer after ninth grade I marathoned some of Walt Disney's traditionally animated movies. Brother Bear, Fox and the Hound, Bambi, and Fantasia were some movies that put me in an absolute trance. The smooth flow of animation that can only be made by hand, knowing that on the other side of what I was watching someone created every individual frame, every brush stroke was unique. It could never be perfectly recreated again. It felt special, it was special, it was human. 

I believe that traditional animation only went out of style because it became increasingly more expensive to produce when you have to replace physical materials constantly the cost adds up quickly, so over the years I've learned to apply the traditional process of drawing and animating to a digital medium that is both time and cost-effective. And with the rise of 2D animation in 3D work like Spider-Verse, Puss in Boots (the last wish), and The Mitchells VS the Machines it only makes me more confident that 2D traditionally animated work is about to rear its beautiful head to help create a new visual media renaissance.